Holiday in Paradise

We interrupt our “Voyage to Antiquity” program to bring you this exciting alternative holiday bulletin.


So, where is paradise I hear you say. Well, I can’t tell you, ’cause you might tell someone. Then before long the whole world will discover it and it will no longer be paradise.

I can tell you, it’s between some rolling green hills and miles from nowhere.


A small group of us (7 couples this time) towed our caravans for “lots of” hours to get there and set up camp as close as possible to the river’s edge.


It’s not a wide river, yet it meanders its way between the hills and across planes for more than a 1000 kilometers.


We’d not long arrived in paradise when Patrick started casting his fishing line, while standing at least 20 meters from the river bank. Wow!


BUT, he wasn’t trying to catch fish, he’s a “ham”. He was erecting his home-made, short wave radio antenna between a couple of trees. Yes there are radio (and TV) waves in paradise, if you can catch them. Apparently Patrick caught some.

Before the sun could leave and take its warmth, some of the blokes (okay Martin and Norm, The Mighty Blokes) started a teeny, weeny, little fire.


And since you couldn’t make it to paradise this year Woodsy , the big log was for you. Though we couldn’t get your tag onto it.


Despite its smallish size…..the fire did replace some of the lost warmth.

As well as a river (and a fire) there is a special tree in paradise. Each day at around 5.15 pm we waited with anticipation to see it “glow”.


Paradise has many special trees…



And plenty of power…


Except, there was no power point provided.

Of course it wouldn’t be Easter without a hat parade.




How come you didn’t wear your Rastafarian hat, Norm?
Ohhhh….you did and I missed it….sorry.

And what about the chain saw starting exhibition…that went on for a while!


Another view of the rolling hills…


Never tiring of the beautiful old river…



And best of all, the wonderful people who came to paradise for Easter.


whoops, there’s some missing. Ohhh nooooo…..Can we do another take?…..Ahhh too late….see you next Easter!


Soon, “I’ll be back” with Voyage to Antiquity


9 thoughts on “Holiday in Paradise

  1. Definitely took us back to the early 1970’s when we lived in Yass for six years. Beautiful photos but from my memory that particular paradise could be bloody cold. Think I’ll stick with my current paradise on the far north coast even though it can go underwater from time to time. Best regards to Maggie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Our paradise” can be very cold as soon as the sun sets, but Easter 2017 not as cold as past years. My first visit to paradise was 2011 (during last week in April) and it was freezing at night.

      Your paradise is wonderful and I can understand why you would not leave it. Can you build a levee bank? 😉


      1. Beautiful photos Alistaire. Looks like old times without all of the crowds, good to hear you all had such a good time
        Cheers Barbara

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Great photography, All! You have captured the unique image of a sparkling Australian Bush Spring.
      Congratulations, K’n’B.


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