Why does One Head Deserve to be Pluralised?

I could only find one headland at Burleigh Heads,….soooooooo why do “they” add the “s”. Perhaps one headland was washed away, or perhaps the plural just sounds better? The one and only Burleigh headland is rather small, so maybe “being” pluralised makes it feel bigger? OR…….perhaps the late Eric Morcombe was “wise” when he uttered,
“There’s no answer to that, is there”

Burleigh Heads is one of 81 suburbs that make up Queensland’s Gold Coast.

I’ve often considered the label, “Gold Coast”, as a general name or tourism caption for the region. But, The Gold Coast is an official name for the city/local council area and in April 2018 it will host the Commonwealth Games.

North east view from our van site, and just a minute walk east to the beach from here

Our Gold Coast destination of choice was the caravan park at Burleigh Heads so we could easily catch up with relatives in the area.

Traffic noise from the nearby Gold Coast Highway was intrussive and the weather unpredictable (one of the coldest nights of our trip was spent here). So we clothed the caravan with its best winter attire in an attempt to repell the cold and attenuate the noise.

Our Van with full annex, and a glimpse of “Young Silver” to the right


The Burleigh locals seemed to be very active; running, riding, skating, walking; making good use of the wide concrete paths that stretched from the Burleigh headland north to Mermaid Beach and beyond.

This was the day that led to the big chilly night
Late Afternoon – our last and warmest at Burleigh Heads
A place for the non-movers, however, it was a hive for movers on the weekend

While the Gold Coast is renowned for surfing, I can’t recall seeing many surfers in the water.

Mermaid Beach QLD, just north of Burleigh Heads & Burleigh Beach

We didn’t receive our invitation to this wedding but turned up anyway, along with other interloppers.

Wedding Shoot & Treasure Hunt

There were interloppers of a different type at the caravan park. Lots of them. They were relatively bold, attempting to enter our van in search of food.

This is a city caravan park remember. Couldn’t they read the signs?

“And the sign said…….” there were others who were definitley not welcome.

Ah, it’s okay…… dogs can read


Our Gold Coast high was Tamborine Mountain (525 meters above sea level).

Looking back to “The Coast” from Tambourine Mountain – Some of Australia’s tallest buildings are down there. This view puts them into perspective

I first visited Tamborine Mountain many years ago and thought it had a rather magical, mystical quality (promise, I wasn’t smoking any of that “wacky tobacky”; ‘though some of the local hippies of that era might have been). This time I couldn’t feel the magic (perhaps because the hippies and their incense flavoured shopping outlets have moved on), but I still enjoyed being there.

Looking South from “The Mountain”

There are various villages and villagers on Tambourine Mountain. An “essential” for village life is a meeting place. In other localities it might be just the pub, but for an “arty” region like this…….


….complete with comprehensive notice board.


Not to be outdone – can I have a drum roll and an elaborate fanfare please:


Hmmmmm…..how many heads does Noosa have?


6 thoughts on “Why does One Head Deserve to be Pluralised?

  1. I’m confident that Burleigh Heads was ‘discovered’ by a man and therefore over exaggerated, hence the plural. Typical. Ha ha .


  2. Somewhere in that vast area south of Tambourine Mount is the Jungle Training Camp of Canungra! Spent four weeks there being trained by “psychos” to learn how to suffer both physically and mentally achieving the goal of being “fighting fit”.
    On completion of the course we (my platoon of 30) were allowed to walk/run up the mountain to a hotel for a meal and a drink and return before ” lights out”(about 6 pm).
    I was 19 , fit, smartarsed and drunk”, and to the bewildered admiration of my fellow co-mates elected to take an unchartered direct shortcut back to camp. Achieved with multiple wounds!


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