Flippant Flashback

This is Time Travel.

We’re back in late 1960s, Australia.

I apply for addmision to Sydney University and don’t make the cut.

I apply for a Teachers Scholarship to enter Sydney University and get it. This means free education and a teaching job at the end……….if I sign a bond. I sign.


I set out on that fateful journey: first the Uni Degree course and if I pass, the Diploma of Education.


It doesn’t work out and I decide to bale……a strong sense of failure descends on me.


And, I’m forced to pay them back…..for the Uni fees…..there’s a bond remember.

Stairway to ……?

And when it’s all paid back, I mail them a letter.


Dear Sirs and Madams

Thank you for the opportunity to purchase one of your Teachers Scholarship Bonds. However, I’ve decided I don’t need mine anymore, so maybe someone else could use it.

Do you know anyone who might want to purchase my slightly used bond? I’m prepared to offer it at a discounted price.

Your Sincerely

Used Bond Owner



Why was I so keen to create a blog around that frivolous, rather insignificant letter, written so many years ago?

Why has that letter been such an important part of the folklore of my life?

Why do I so vividly remember the elation experienced when writing and mailing that letter to the NSW Government Department of Education?

I’ve only just had some insight into “why”, while composing this blog. It seems that in the conception, writing and posting of that flippant letter I allowed the creative child from within me to come out to play and give the adult me a much needed message.

And now that I’ve retired from work I’m beginning to experience “adult” and “child” roaming “the neighbourhood”, together, far more often.


2 thoughts on “Flippant Flashback

  1. ..flippant? NO…I sense an amazing feeling of freedom…and as a Mate who’s shared so much over so many years: I REJOICE for you “young” Alistair…go get ’em


  2. Mi Hapi tumas yu followem dream blo yu nao. Hem not tu late, yu start em dream blo yu n hem mast stap (keep yr dream). No lettem ani wan dicouragem yu from dream blo yu. The same thing as me liking working in the pacific. Let the dream begin in life.


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